Black Falcon Shields

Black Falcon Shields

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Black Falcons is one of Castle's original factions. Sets that came with the Black Falcons first appeared in 1984. Their last appearance was in 1992.


They were constantly attacking the Forestmen. Eventually, after a few years, they teamed up with the Forestmen and the Crusaders. They fought against the Black Knights, but were defeated. Most survivors fled the Kingdom, but some, along with the Forestmen, stayed and became Wolfpack.


Most of the soldiers had black helmets, and a blue torso with their crest, a black\white falcon in the background. Knights usually wore a grill faced helmet and a black or blue torso.

They owned two castles, along with a wall segment that was under siege by the Crusaders in set 6062. The Falcons' number of siege engines was surprisingly small, having only two catapults from sets 6030 and 6059. There was also a small cart, and a small boat.