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Dr. Inferno
Dr. Inferno
Theme: Agents
Release year: 2008
Similar: Dr. D. Zaster
Appearances: 8635 Mission 6: Mobile Command Center
8637 Mission 8: Volcano Base
8970 Robo Attack
Dr. Inferno is an evil genius and is the main enemy of the Agents. He has a robotic arm and mostly has his minions fight for him. He is very rich, but nobody knows how he got all the money. He also has a scar across his eye. He is also 1 of 2 villains to return to Agents 2.0. Dr. Inferno also yelled, "I shall return!" in the 2009 Agents commercial, even though this was the last year of the theme. He once tried to take over the world with Dr. D. Zaster and Ogel.

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