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Theme: Power Miners
Release year: 2009
Similar: Rock Monster
Appearances: 8708 Boulder Blaster
8958 Granite Grinder
8961 Crystal Sweeper
8964 Titanium Command Rig
2853401 Power Miners Watch

Glaciator is one of the five Crystal Rock Monsters from the Power Miners theme. Also known as the blue rock monster, Glaciator is the most common of all the rock monsters. Also, he is not made of normal minifigure parts. DescriptionEdit

Nasty and evil, Glaciator is feared even by the other rock monsters. While he is plenty dangerous on his own, he prefers to get Boulderax or Meltrox to do his fighting for him while he eats the crystals. If the Power Miners are in trouble, you can be sure that Glaciator is behind it somehow!

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