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King Kahuka
Islanders King Kahuka.jpg
Theme: Islanders
Release year: 1994
Similar: Islander, King
Appearances: 1788 Treasure Chest
6236 King Kahuka
6236 Islander Catamaran
6262 King Kahuka's Throne
6278 Enchanted Island
6292 Enchanted Island

King Kahuka is the leader of the Islanders. He is the only named Islander in the theme. His mask and torso are unique to sets containing him, his hairpiece and face are unique to the Islanders theme.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • King Kahuka is the boss for the second circuit in LEGO Racers, and also appears in the 5th circuit.
  • King Kahuka has appeared in LEGO Battles, as an ally of the pirates.

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