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250px-Rex (Power Miners)
Theme: Power Miners
Release year: 2009
Similar: Doc
Appearances: 8707 Boulder Blaster
8188 Fire Blaster
8708 Cave Crusher
8959 Claw Digger
8961 Crystal Sweeper
8962 Crystal King
8693 Rock Wrecker
8907 Rock Hacker

Rex is the engineer of the Power Miners Team. He made most of the team's machines for they’re various missions. He also appears as a Lava Suit Miner in 2010 as well as appearing in his regular suit in the Claw Digger in 2010. DescriptionEdit

A top engineer, Rex was working on a project to build a giant geo-thermal power station in the Earth's core when Doc's call came. He designed most of the Power Miners' vehicles and has a constant rivalry with Firox, who has delight in sabotaging his machines.




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